YEAH! 🐶 If you are here means that you have already made your order or are ready. In any case we want you to know that:

1-The Order of your order has been sent to our shipping team and will be on The way as soon as possible. We Ship from Asia and the United States which is where the factories of our exclusive products are located.

2- The Approximate delivery time is between 2 - 3 weeksOur products has a high demand and we have to constantly replenish the stock.

3- When you make your order you will receive an email with a link to see all the details of your order. When we send you another email to inform you of the tracking number of your order which can be consulted on the corresponding tracking page (17Track or Emails). IF Your tracking doesn't work, don't worry! Keep in mind that the shipping company takes a few hours to enter the information into the system, try it a few days later.

We ship worldwide.


(If your order passes by a Customs office we do not take care of the expenses that it carries)



What is the shipping cost?

Free (for now).

What happens if my order does not arrive?

Please contact us via email indicating what happened and the number of your order, we will answer in a maximum of 24 hours with a solution to your problem.

What happens if my order takes longer than the estimated limit?

If your order is out of the estimated time, please contact us and we will find out where your order is.

What happens if my order takes longer than the maximum limit?

The maximum waiting time is 40 days if after that time your order has not arrived contact us and we will move to the Total refund of the amount you paid for your order.

Accept returns?

Yes, in our return policy we establish that you have 14 days since you received the order to request the return.

In This case the article must be in perfect condition, you have to contact us and we will give you the address to which you must send your order (we do not take charge of shipping in this case); As soon as you arrive we will check that you are in perfect condition and then proceed to refund your order.

What happens if my order comes defective?

You have a 14-day period to notify us of this type of problem. You will have to send us images of those defects to, as soon as we receive them and check them we will make a full refund of what you paid for that product.

What happens if my order is not what I expected or does not meet the needs that I promised?

You have a 14-day period to notify us of this type of problem. You'll have to explain to us what the problem is, we will verify it and we will proceed to the return of the article and the full amount of the purchase without any problem, 100% guaranteed.